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Which ground mat is best for me?

Alturnamats, Inc. manufactures two different ground mats, each with a limited lifetime guarantee!


The original ground protection mat.  AlturnaMATS are widely recognized for superior tire traction due to a bold diamond plate tread design.  Ideal where heavy vehicles cross lawns, soft turf, swampy areas, and  mud. Alturnamats can withstand up to 120 ton vehicles.  Available in black or white.
As a General rule, we suggest the following mat sizes for various industries:
    Drilling, Heavy Construction and Utility Construction:  always 4' x 8'
    Tree Care and Turf Care:  3' x 8'
    Golf Course Maintenance:  3' x 8' and 4' x 8'.  Smooth on one side preferred
    Manufactured Housing:  2' x 4', 2' x 6', and 2' x 8' preferred
    Compact Equipment:  3' x 6'
    Remember…sometimes you just need a bigger footprint to get the job done.
    Also, with larger mats there is less chance of driving off the mats onto
         expensive, manicured lawns or into knee deep mud.


VersaMATS are just that, versatile.  A flat, slip-resistant tread on one side is designed for foot traffic as well as heavy vehicle traffic.  The reverse side is available with the diamond plate tread for solid traction to the ground or VersaMATS are available smooth on one side.  Applications are virtually unlimited…cemeteries, play grounds, festivals, walkways over construction sites, golf courses, landscaping; just about any application where one mat is ideal for both foot and heavy vehicle traffic .  VersaMATS support 120 ton loads.  Available in black or white.

Plywood vs. AlturnaMATS

The advantages of AlturnaMATS over plywood are many, particularly cost savings over the long run.  Plywood cracks and splinters under heavy vehicle loads.  AlturnaMATS never do. There is very little tire traction with plywood. When wet, plywood becomes slippery, waterlogged, heavy and is difficult to clean of mud.  AlturnaMATS are easily rinsed clean using a regular garden hose or power washer.

For the economics of AlturnaMATS over plywood, click here.

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