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The mats preferred by professionals worldwide

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Feature Diamond Plate Design for maximum traction.
Ideal to walk on, work on, drive on.
Non-slip design

Outrigger Pads

  • 1-ply
  • Lifetime Guarantee


  • Turn-A-Links
    Lock Mats together to create temporary walkway or working platform
  • Handi-Hooks
  • Easy way to move AlturnaMats around the work site.



This complete package is a handy
way to transport and store
"EZ Links"
E-Z Links are a new and convenient linking system for the AlturnaMATS VersaMATS. The E-Z Link system can be used with the VersaMATS for pedestrian applications as well as for the movement of light, compact equipment (less than 12000 GVW) when positioned on stable ground conditions. The new E-Z Link system allows for a rapid connection and dismantling of VersaMATS.
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