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Warranty Coverage

AlturnaMATS, Inc. will provide a Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty to the original

(retail) purchaser. The warranty covers specific defects created during the manufacturing

process that become evident during normal use for the Lifetime of the product.

It is important to understand the Intended Use and Function of the product in order to

determine whether there is a true defect or if the product is not being used properly for its

intended purpose.


(Please see Intended Use/Function below)  

Intended Use/Function

The intended use and function for AlturnaMATS™, VersaMAT™ and MobileMatt™

products is to provide additional traction, displace vehicle weight by increasing the footprint

while adding stabilization to vehicles travelling over these mats. The mats also act as a buffer

between the vehicles tires or tracks and the turf/soil below, while reducing the chances of

creating ruts or getting said vehicles stuck. Another benefit is to minimize the restoration costs to

the contractor using these products. These mats are designed to take the abuse that the turf or

soil would otherwise experience. Signs of normal wear and tear should be expected and is not

necessarily a defect. Typically any flaws deemed as a “defect” should be evident within the first

few months of use, but each case will be considered on its own merits, as they are presented. It

is the ultimate goal of AlturnaMATS that a product is produced that meets or exceeds the typical

expectations of our customers.

In some situations, “linking” the mats together is needed. Holes are provided to permit the

installation of single links for end to end assembly or double links to connect four mats together

in the corners creating a larger work platform or staging area. The links will help eliminate “walkout”

of the mats while in use. It is always suggested to lay the mats down first as a preventative

measure vs. trying to wedge mats underneath an already stuck vehicle.

It will NEVER be acceptable to use any of our mat products as a “bridging”

devise. Spanning open gaps wider than a normal truck rut is not

recommended and could cause the mat to buckle or roll up underneath the

vehicles tires. Our mats are designed to have soil underneath them at all

times. Disregarding this warning could cause damage to the vehicle or

cause personal injury to workers nearby. The ultimate responsibility for

proper usage solely relies upon the end

cables to extract stuck mats from the mud is not only unsafe, but will

damage the mats and is not covered by this warranty.

â€Âuser in the field. Using chains or

How to File a Claim

If you feel that one of our products is defective, you have two recourses for action.

1. Contact the dealer in which you originally purchased the mats from and let them know what

the issue is, they will in turn contact us to file a claim for consideration.

2. Contact us directly at 888.544

manner. You may be requested to submit photographs and your original invoice during the

claim process. Returning your defective mat(s) may not be necessary. AlturnaMATS, Inc. will

not accept any un

Understanding what the mats are intended for, using them properly, and providing

some form of simple maintenance will not only add life to your mats, but also help ensure the

maximum performance you deserve from AlturnaMATS™, VersaMAT™ and MobileMatt™ ground

protection products. We appreciate your business and value the support you provide as a

customer to our dealer network.

AlturnaMATS, Inc. began producing their mats from 100% post

Using quality raw materials, being the only US Company to produce their own products in

and being an industry innovator and leader, permits us to provide the only Limited Lifetime

Warranty in the industry. We are proud to produce products that not only serve a purpose but

also allow us to do our part by being a Green Producer.

  We will discuss the issue and help resolve it in a speedy authorized product returns. industrial (HDPE) plastic in 1993. 



AlturnaMATS are warranted against, but not limited to: cracking, breaking, splintering

and chipping. Our mats pass through a series of strict inspection guidelines during our in

manufacturing process. Every mat that leaves our plant has passed and has been accepted as a

product that has met our approval for use. Although rare, occasionally there are things that are

not detectable during our visual inspection and that is what is covered under this warranty.



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